segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2015

Descoberta uma nova muralha na China

 Around 3,200 feet of solid fortification as well as gate towers, forts, watchtowers and lookout holes can be found in the ancient structure

Three sides of the wall protect incredibly steep mountain sides. This defence would have been very useful for a military outpost

 Its age is currently unknown although locals claim that it dates back to the Ming dynasty (1368 to 1644). This has not been confirmed

Gongyi in Henan is in the central plain of China. It's approximately 539 miles from the Great Wall of China, which it's been compared to

Stone structure has been compared with the Great Wall of China, which was also built using stacked stones, by Chinese media

However, it forms a circle around the top of the mountain range rather than in a straight line, suggesting that it's actually a fortress wall

Part of the wall has collapsed from disrepair. Local goat herders often visited the area for grazing, which led to further damage to the site

A nova muralha foi descoberta no topo de uma montanha no centro da China.

Foi o Diário do Povo, citado pelo Daily Mail, que noticiou o aparecimento de uma misteriosa fortificação em pedra, no topo de uma montanha em Gongyi, na China central.

De imediato se falou numa nova muralha da China, sendo que esta completa um círculo, o que faz pressupor a proteção a um castelo.

No entanto, o facto de ambas poderem ter sido construídas na mesma altura (dinastia Ming, de 1368 a 1644) aumentou as comparações.

A "nova" fortificação tem torres de vigia, fortes, entradas e buracos de vigia.

fonte: TSF